Sarah Valentine

Welcome, I’m Sarah Valentine

I currently work as an Actor & Accent and Dialect Coach.

I’ve worked in the Film and Television industry for 30 years; behind the scenes as a casting director, AD and Cast Coordinator to in front of the camera as an actor.

I have had the pleasure of working as an actor on Top of the Lake Season 1 with Elisabeth Moss (Handmaids Tale), David Wenham (Lord of the Rings), Holly Hunter ( Oscar winner), Pete Mullan (Harry Potter) and directed by Jane Campion (What an amazing woman, would love to work with her again – any day of the week).

During that incredible time I got to have a lot of fun perfecting my American, Australian, Southern and Scots accents while hanging out with these talented actors.

I have also had a the pleasure of working on a variety of TV shows and movies, you can view more of my work on IMDB, or visit sarahvalentine.com.

I coach Actors for Acting, VOICE WORK, Dialect and Accents FOR the Film and TV industry

I started coaching due to a strong demand for my skills and an innate ability to make my clients feel relaxed and comfortable, whilst providing tools to help anyone learn to speak with an accent or new dialect. Coaching and training can be done via Skype if you are not local to me in Auckland, New Zealand.

Accent Coaching For Actors
If you need to master a global accent for a TV or Film role then contact me today to discuss how I can help coach your accent to sound authentic for that Film or TV role.

Producers and Directors – On Set Accent Coaching 
Are you a Producer and need a dialect coach on-set? I can work with an individual or group of actors to learn an accent for a TV or Film role. Daily rates available. Please email me on sarah@actorsaccentcoach.com

Sarah Valentine
Sarah Valentine

I have become an expert in teaching dialects and accents and I want to share my knowledge with you

Sessions are available for coaching in a one-on-one session or for theatre or large scale movie productions I can work together with your actors in groups. You will gain confidence in your accent so that you can perform it to the best of your ability.

I will help you learn all the skills you need to improve your accent from finding the accent within, to placement and delivery. Speaking with a different accent or dialect can be quite daunting but my methods allow the you to feel comfortable so that you can relax into the role and sound like a local.

Accents I have used for various productions:

  • American for Power Rangers, Hercules,
  • English German for Bliss,
  • South African for Broken Hallelujah,
  • New Zealand for When we Go to War, Shortland Street, Bloodlines
  • British RP for Top of the Lake, Hounds, Insatiable Moon and Century.


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Contact me today to discuss how I can help coach your accent to sound authentic for that Film or TV role

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