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Welcome to The Actors Accent Coach

My name is Sarah Valentine. I currently work as an Actor, an Agent, Accent and Dialect Coach.

I will help you learn all the skills you need to improve your accent from finding the accent within, to placement and delivery.

Speaking with a different accent or dialect can be quite daunting but my methods allow the you to feel comfortable so that you can relax into the role and sound like a local.

30 Years Experience

30 years industry experience as a Casting Director, AD, Cast Coordinator and Actor.

Online Coaching for Actors


Script Recordings

Let me record your audition so that you can have that accent within 24 hours.  Learn it and then follow up with a one on one if you wish.

Coaching Via Skype

Coaching and training can be done online in my online courses or via Skype, Zoom or Facetime. 


17 Accents

This video is completely unscripted and I’m literally just chatting on the fly in a variety of different accents.

As an accent coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of people who want to sound authentic in their chosen accent, whether in their day-to-day life or as actors who want to be 100% on point for a particular role.

Once you know the tricks in learning particular accents it’s actually quite simple. Many of my clients have aced their new twang because my teaching technique kicks butt!







French English

This Accent would be in my top 5 Accents that you should master. In most movies there is always the character who has to come from somewhere else but needs to have an accent that everyone can still understand.

French English is the sexiest of these accents and they tend to be the roles of the Sexy Partner or the Evil Baddie.

Add this baby to your tool kit.

You won’t regret it.

Southern American

British RP

South African

Northern Irish

Southern Irish

French English

Scouse - Liverpool Accent

The Scouse Accent.

So this accent is just for fun. Its a great accent because its a cheeky accent. Its usually a fun character role or again if you want to play the baddie this can also work for you.

Scousers are people from Liverpool in England. Famous scousers are John Lennon, Paul McCartney and  Cilla Black.

Cilla had a famous catch phrase.

LORRA LORRA LAUGHS. Whenever you heard it you knew it was Cilla.

German English

New York




Cockney Accent

So this accent is divine. All the baddies in American movies are either German, Russian, New Yorkers or Cockneys. The Last Ship point in case.

Cockney Rhyming slang is just brilliant – its a whole language that you can not even believe exists.

Check out this video to find out more.


Famous Cockneys – MY FAVOURITE – Jason Statham, Michael Caine, Bob Hoskins and Danny Dyer.


Five accents every actor needs to master

I have written an ebook about the Top 5 Accents that I believe are the most important for any actor to have as part of their tool kit.

Its easy and simple and so many of my clients have said how quickly they have picked up my teaching technique in comparison with other teachers.

The best bit is that I am giving it away for free!

Standard American English

British RP

Scottish & Irish

European English

General Strong Accents

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Five Accents Every Actor Needs To Master


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