Fun, informative and very user-friendly format.

Thank you Sarah for this opportunity, I have now successfully completed the 10 day DIY American accent course. You did an excellent job of setting it out in a fun, informative and very user-friendly format while catering to all learning styles.

Megan Daggar 10 day american accent DIY
Megan Daggar

American DIY course is fantastic

Sarah’s DIY American accent course is fantastic and so user friendly. You can work at your own pace and review as often as needed. Her enunciation of words is so clear, and seeing how the mouth moves to produce the sounds is super helpful. I also loved the inclusion of American phrases to make your accent that little bit better. She is very personable on screen and the video clips are great for illustrating different sounds. Highly recommend and can’t wait to try the other accent courses!

Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson

10-Day Standard American Accent

Thank you Sarah. Even though I was already working on my accent when I started the course, it was your encouragement and feedback that gave me the confidence to believe I could actually do this. That is invaluable and a key component to being able to deliver a believable accent.

Jen Corren
Jen Corren

10 day DIY Standard American course and would highly recommend Sarah Valentine

I’ve just completed the 10 day DIY Standard American course and would highly recommend Sarah Valentine as she made it so easy and fun to follow! She knows just how to break it down so you understand the basics properly which makes it easy to remember. It is great to have the worksheets and audio clips to work with over and over again to really practice the accent and get it right.

Caroline Nield

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