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Cockney, Devonshire, Geordie, Liverpool, Yorkshire, London, Somerset, Welsh, Scottish, Southern Irish, Northern Irish.


Neutral Californian, Alabama, Boston, Southern, New York, Bronx, Boston and mid-Atlantic.


French, German, Spanish, Russian, Eastern European, Italian, Dutch and Swiss.


Australian, Jamaican, South African (Africaans), Kiwi New Zealand and Canadian.

If a particular dialect is not listed here, let me know what accent your are looking to master.

Audition Script

If you need to learn an audition script quickly but don’t have time to Skype or take a coaching session then email me your audition script. Audition Script Recording is a 30-minute session and can usually be turned around in 24 hours.

The session is made up of 10 minutes each of preparation, recording and uploading the file. I will record the entire script with little or no intonation so that you can learn the words straight off the recording. I will record line by line leaving a gap between each line so that you can listen and repeat.

Once you have those lines down and want to take it to the next level, you can book in for another 30-minute session. This can be a phone call or Skype session and we can then iron out any difficulties you may be experiencing.

Accents available: English RP, Standard American, Southern American, Cockney, Liverpool, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Devonshire/Somerset, German English, French English, and Russian/Eastern European.

Script Recording

If you’d like to hear a professional dialect coach say your lines in the accent for you, you can send us a copy of your lines, and we’ll record them in the correct accent with some further explanations of pronunciation and terms. All prices are in NZ Dollars.

Payment is via PayPal or you can use your VISA or MasterCard. After payment you will be redirection to complete your booking details and upload your script.

Sarah Valentine

Accent Coach for Actors with Accents

If you need to master a global accent for a TV or Film role then contact me today to discuss how I can help coach your accent to sound authentic for that Film or TV role.

All prices are in NZ Dollars. Payment is via PayPal or you can use your VISA or MasterCard.

1-to-1 Coaching

1 hour
  • 1 Hour Coaching in person*
  • *Auckland only unless previously organised), or via Phone or Skype
  • Learn The Basics Of Your Desired Accent
  • Ideal For An Upcoming Audition
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