Helping you find your own unique voice!

Learn any accent you like. We can work on an audition script, or we can work on any script for an upcoming role.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say hello to your new accent

If you need to master a global accent for a TV or Film role then contact me today to discuss how I can help coach your accent to sound authentic for that Film or TV role.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say hello to your new accent

If you need to master a global accent for a TV or Film role then contact me today to discuss how I can help coach your accent to sound authentic for that Film or TV role.

Accent Coaching Dialect Coaching Dialect Reduction

Coaching in a one-on-one session

Learn any accent using 'The Valentine Method'

Ideal for an upcoming audition or ongoing role

All sessions are via Skype or Facetime

What Is Accent Coaching?

Hello, my name is Sarah Valentine, I’m an Accent and Dialect Coach.

I teach accents to actors, voice actors and can also help with accent reduction.

I have dedicated my life to learning accents and dialects from around the globe.

Using my unique ‘Valentine Method’ you will learn your accent quickly, in a fun & relaxed environment.

Thank you Sarah for this opportunity, I have now successfully completed the 10 day DIY American accent course. You did an excellent job of setting it out in a fun, informative and very user-friendly format while catering to all learning styles.”

Megan Daggar 10 day american accent DIY
Megan Daggar

Sarah is awesome at her craft, as usual. This was the third course I’ve participated in. Her videos are amazing and are an outstanding method for hearing and, in particular, viewing the spoken accent. I’ve learned so much from this course — now I’m ready to apply my lessons when needed. Good job Sarah — well done, teacher!

Tobi Czumak
Tobi Czumak

A great starter to accents. Lots of materials to get you going at your own pace. Highly recommend. Would hire Sarah if I got an accent part.


Candyce Weir - Actors accent coach Sarah Valentine
Candyce Weir 

I enjoyed the course, and more than anything, it reinforced ideas I already had about the Standard American accent, and thus giving me more confidence.

Matthew Ruglys - Sarah Valentine Actors Accent Coach
Matt Ruglys

For me, the best part of Sarah’s 21 day British RP accent challenge is that all of the students ended up sounding incredibly natural. No “put on” British accents here!

Austenne Grey - Actors Accent Coach Sarah Valentine
Austenne Grey

I worked one one with Sarah who went over and above with her attention to detail. I would recommend her wholeheartedly for UK accents.

Sara Wiseman - Actors accent coach - Sarah Valentine
Sara Wiseman

10 Day American Accent Challenge – Sarah Valentine is very friendly, approachable and professional. She delivered helpful individual feedback throughout the course, and encouraged everyone equally along the way. I enjoyed this course and have learnt some great tips to develop this accent as a skill. I have already recommended this course to fellow friends!

Jzayla Hughey
Jzayla Hughey

I’ve just completed the 10 day American accent course. It’s been a lot of fun. The techniques were easy to follow and the strategies were amazing. I feel so much more confident to audition with this on my resume. Sarah gives you constructive feedback every step of the way. It would be nice to do another accent soon.

Sharon Taylor
Sharon Taylor

10 Day British RP Accent Challenge
This course was super helpful as an actor.
I highly recommend it for young actors who feel insecure in their voice. It helped give me the confidence to use my voice and different ways and it definitely helped me with my diction! Sarah is amazing and super helpful.

Couldn’t recommend this course more highly!

Madeleine Joy - British RP accent course
Madeleine Joy

I thoroughly enjoyed this accent course and found myself learning new skills towards the american accent as the lessons went on.
I really loved Sarah’s way of teaching and i felt like my accent definitely got better since starting the course.
Thank you so much Sarah!!!


Emma Haye - 21 Day American Accent Challenge
Emma Hayes

I did the 10 day Standard US accent and I loved how specific and tangible the information, instruction and practice was.  Sarah isolates and clarifies particular sounds and explains how to make them.  The work is incremental; starting with single sounds, then words, then sentences and then a whole text.  The feedback is clear and redirects the student to particular sounds and intonation that need work.  I loved that the US accent suddenly became “learnable” .  I am definitely going to do more courses with Sarah.

Michelle Leuthart
Michelle Leuthart

Not only does this course help you form the sounds needed for the accent it also trains your ear to hear the accent and the daily practice really helps cement the accent into your body and mind!

Euan Shedden
The 5 day accent practice was a great way to learn a technique with which to practice any accent and it especially helped with the American accent! I still have a long way to go, but it gave me the right tools and I know what to work on! I would definitely recommend it!
Nicola Ditter

Working with Sarah is fantastic as she has a fun, friendly and professional approach, providing a helpful technique that breaks down learning an accent into steps that are easy to understand and practice, and her honest feedback is invaluable.

Wayne Davis learning the American Accent with Sarah Valentine
Wayne Davis

As a beginner in learning a new accent, this course was a perfect way to lay those foundations that I will definitely continue to use in the future. It was so easy to get into and Sarah is very informative about the what’s, why’s and how’s of the accent (if that makes sense).


Ma'aola Faasavala Actors Accent Coach American Accent
Ma'aola Faasavala

Sarah is an amazing teacher.  I wish I had discovered these classes years ago.  I will continue to take Sarah’s courses.  I love getting to see other students work as well.  Very inspiring.

Todd Terry
Todd Terry

Sarah is attentive, friendly and makes you feel comfortable as she takes you through her 21 day British RP accent challenge. I now feel extremely confident in the accent!

Jessica Hunt
Jessica Hunt

Having already taken the 10 day Standard American Course with Sarah I jumped straight into British RP. As a Brit with a noticeable regional accent I wanted to prove to myself I could sound authentic without being over the top. Sarah’s unique style and delivery made learning easy and fun and helped me gain confidence in the process.

Heather Walker
Heather Walker

I love all of Sarah’s positive feedback and encouragement throughout the course. There were lots of suggestions for improvements, but I always felt like my work was being appreciated.

Pippa Winslow
Pippa Winslow
I ‘ve never done a proper accent, and taking this course was a really fantastic beginning into learning what it takes to learn RP and apply the methods used to learn any accent. The methods used to learn the words and phrases were simple and effective and the encouraging feedback does make you want to learn properly and continue on the journey of accent learning. Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Juarez
David Juarez

I highly recommend Sarah’s courses. Her feedback on my work was quick and helpful. The structure of her course makes the learning part fun.

Katrin Kasper

10 Day American Accent Challenge

It has been an awesome and exhilarating 10 days. I am so happy I did this course. Now I can clearly hear when I make the wrong sound and am able to correct myself. I was never able to do that before. Thank you so much, Sarah!

Maria Tophunts
Maria Tophunts

This is the 2nd course I have done with Sarah. She  is so supportive and encouraging – the perfect teacher. I love the daily practice and personal feedback which  is so key to improving. Thanks once again.

Carolyn Goodyear 10 Day American Accent Challenge
Carolyn Goodyear

What a great fun course! Sarah your videos were really helpful, particularly for certain vowel sounds I sometimes find tricky. You’ve really boosted my confidence with the accent! Thank you 🙂

Emma Swan
Emma Swan

Great sessions and built every day to the final monologue very worthwhile and I enjoyed it.

Peter Revel-Walsh
Peter Revel-Walsh

I absolutely enjoyed the RP accent course with Sarah Valentine because she is able to simplify the learning process which makes it so much easier and it’s very liberating!

Thanks a million!

Jasmin Kafali
Yasemin Kafali

Sarah is patient, methodical and within an hour she was able to pinpoint my trouble spots and help to make my American accent flawless. She is an incredibly talented lady being able to pull out so many accents and do them perfectly. I will most definitely work with her again.

Sandra Lucas
Sandra Lucas

I contacted Sarah when faced with the daunting task of auditioning in a Scottish accent, something I’d not done before, nor ever really prepared for. Spending an hour’s coaching with her assuaged many of the fears and anxiety I had around the accent, and filled me with the confidence I needed to actually go in the room and put forward something worthwhile to the casting director.

Jarred Blakiston
Jarred Blakiston

I was quite nervous to meet Sarah for my accent session but she soon put me at ease and gave me confidence to learn an American accent. I look forward to further sessions with Sarah as I trust her expertise to perfect my accent.

Arlene Meder

I have never taken accent coaching before and it was my first time. It was so easy to understand what Sarah taught me as she was helping me not only just learn but live the accent too. I was late to the class so she spent extra time with me without charging me extra. It was a great experience sitting and learning from her.

Mani Singh Saini

Sarah made me feel at ease and was very professional. Your one-hour session has really helped me break though with my accent struggle. I will definitely come back for more, I highly recommend Sarah.

Ravi Narayan

I was very daunted when I was told two weeks before shooting that my character on Underbelly was no longer a Kiwi and now had a strong Lancashire accent. Sarah broke down every line with me and her support filled me with the confidence I needed.

Anna Jullienne

I had never learnt an accent before and was worried I would not be able to master it in time. In the few hours we spent together Sarah was able to teach me the tools necessary to learn an accent and also help prepare me for my audition.

Sophia Huybens

I was very daunted when I was told two weeks before shooting that my character on Underbelly was no longer a Kiwi and now had a strong Lancashire accent.
In fact daunted would probably be the understatement of the century!

However, Sarah soon came to the rescue and with her help the whole process was far easier than I had anticipated. She broke down every line with me and her support filled me with the confidence I needed.

I would definitely call on her again should the situation arise.

Anna Julienne, Actress

How It Works

Book a Coaching Session

If you are ready to book me, click book now which will take you to my scheduling page. Check to see if there is a time that suits, if you don’t see a time that suits please email me to check my schedule.

Any questions at all email me at

Audition Script Recording

30 Minute Recording

If you need to learn an accent for an audition quickly but don’t have time to Skype or take a coaching session then email me your audition script, I will record it in the accent of your choice and email it back. This is usually a 24 hour turnaround..


Reach Your Goals

I will help you learn all the skills you need to improve your accent, from finding the accent within, to placement and delivery. Speaking with a different accent can be quite daunting but my 'Valentine Method' allows you to feel comfortable so you can relax into your role and sound authentic.

One to One Personal Coaching


60 Minute Session

Learn any accent you like. We can work on an audition script, or we can work on any script for an upcoming role. We will break down the accent or dialect and get you sounding perfect.


More Details
  • Book a 60 minute session and once I have checked your accent we can take it from there.
  • Learn any accent using “the Valentine Method”
  • Creating your Spark, a trigger to get you into the accent so you have it for life.
  • Ideal for an upcoming audition or ongoing role.
  • All sessions are over Skype or Facetime.
Audition Script Recording


30 Minute Recording

If you need to learn an audition script quickly but don’t have time to Skype or take a coaching session then email me your audition script.


More Details
Audition Script Recording is a 30-minute session and can usually be turned around in 24 hours. (scripts are usually 2-3 pages maximum. If you have a larger script just email me to discuss your options)

The session is made up of 10 minutes each of preparation, recording and uploading the file. I will record the entire script with little or no intonation so that you can learn the words straight off the recording. I will record line by line leaving a gap between each line so that you can listen and repeat.

Once you have those lines down and want to take it to the next level, you can book in for a one on one session if required. This can be a phone call or Skype session and we can then iron out any difficulties you may be experiencing.

  • Get a recording of your lines
  • Correct accent to listen to
  • Correct pronunciation.
  • Ensure you sound authentic quickly
  • Recordings supplied within 24 hours

Accents available: General American, Standard English, British RP, South African, Californian, Southern American, Cockney, Liverpool, New York, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Devonshire, Somerset, German English, French English, and Russian/Eastern European just to name a few – please check in with me if the accent isn’t listed here.

On Set Coaching


Group Coaching

Sessions are available for coaching for theatre or large scale movie productions. I can work together with your actors in groups. They will gain confidence in their accents so that they can perform it to the best of their ability.

More Details
If you are on set and require me to come and work with multiple actors please email me on to discuss rates, location and accents. I’m available to travel anywhere in the world.
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