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Praise From Clients

Praise From Clients

What They Say
This is my second class with Sarah.  She is always encouraging.  The Scottish accent was definitely a challenge.  Sarah is great about pointing out your strengths but also letting you know where improvement is needed.  So appreciate the way she teaches.
Todd Terry
Todd Terry
If you’re looking for an accent course then look no further, you’ve found the best!  The best for content, feedback and value for money what’s more is you can do it all at home in your own time and still be part of a group.  The huge benefit for me was having individual attention from Sarah, who manages to micro focus on your delivery, correct where necessary and put you back on track.  All of this was done with a smile, a great deal of care, guidance and joy. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, learned a huge amount and gained masses of confidence. 

Thank you Sarah, you are the best!

10 Day Standard American Accent Course

Alix Middleton
Alix Middleton

What a fantastic way to learn an accent with Sarah’s method of using your own phonetics in conjunction with the very generous and supportive way that Sarah guides you through each of the lessons its like your learning with a group of friends.
And in some respects you are as you have the other people on the course there too which helps with the learning as every person has their own phonetic language.
You will discover that by the end of the course you are talking like a native, with your own spark to introduce you to the accent and get you into the swing of it straight away.
Thanks so much Sarah. I look forward to working with you again and taking more courses with you.

Peter Revel-Walsh
Peter Revel-Walsh

Sarah is attentive, friendly and makes you feel comfortable as she takes you through her 21 day British RP accent challenge. I now feel extremely confident in the accent!

Jessica Hunt
Jessica Hunt

I’ve had a joy learning from Sarah in the 21-day Accent challenge. I feel like I have an approach to learn ANY language now! Sarah is honest, charming, SPECIFIC, and clearly very passionate about accents, which makes it so easy to learn. This course is a perfect way to jump into learning accents.

Darrionna Barnes

Having just completed both of Sarah’s 10-Day British RP and 10-Day Standard American
Accent Courses, I would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to learn and/or
improve these accents in a fun, focused and interactive online environment.

I am already using them successfully in my work as a VoiceOver Artist and was
also thrilled to be cast as a ‘British RP Cat’ with The Naples Players Reader’s
Theatre, in an original play called “What is Man?” by Natalie King, all
thanks to what I learned on the British RP course, which I completed the day I
started the Standard American one!

Heartfelt thanks to you Sarah – it’s been an amazing few weeks of learning and achieving;
your teaching method is wonderful and your help, support and feedback really
inspired my confidence!

Susan Parker Voice Actor
Susan Parker

I’ve just completed the 10 Day Standard American Accent Course, and working with Sarah on this has been a truly lovely experience.

Not only is she kind and supportive, but she gives detailed and honest feedback that has been incredibly helpful for me as someone who hasn’t had all that much experience with accents. My confidence has definitely grown with using it in front of people.

The atmosphere of the community that you work in for the course is always friendly and encouraging, which Sarah most definitely has a hand in. I never felt that I needed to be perfect, which is a relief! I think sometimes we expect too much, but here I knew I could be comfortable in where I was at, which I believe has improved thanks to Sarah. She is dedicated to her teaching, always there with a well placed comment. I will be going over those time and time again!

I’ve really enjoyed her course, and hopefully will be doing another one soon!

Laura American Accent Challenge

I have just completed the 10 Day Standard American Accent Course with Sarah and would like to say a huge ‘Thank You Sarah’ for being an amazing tutor.

I never felt I had the ability to sound authentic enough to pursue roles that required an American accent until I studied with Sarah. With each day under Sarah’s guidance my confidence has grown and I certainly won’t be afraid to put myself forward for those roles anymore.

Sarah is friendly, approachable and very honest when giving feedback.

Sarah’s unique method works!  Each lesson is designed to build upon the previous and exercises are spread out and manageable. Interaction with your fellow students is both helpful and fun during the learning process.

I thoroughly recommend Sarah as an Accent Tutor and I will definitely be signing up to another course with her in the near future.

Heather Walker
Heather Walker

American Accent Challenge

I would like to say a huge “Thank you” to my accent tutor,
Sarah Valentine.

Undertaking the challenge of learning a new accent or enhancing an existing one
is a daunting task for anyone.

If you’re unsure on whether or not to train with Sarah, I would strongly
recommend you to go for it – you will NOT be disappointed.
As a student on her ‘Standard American’ course, I can honestly report that she
is warm, welcoming, encouraging but most importantly – extremely skilled at
what she does.
Her insight and attention to detail is remarkable. She gives attention not only
to the more obvious aspects of the accent but also to the little nuances that
make the difference between a passable accent and one that sounds truly convincing.

Being on the course was time and money well spent.

Stevie Thomson-Fitch
Stevie Thomson Fitch

10 Day American Accent Challenge

When I signed up for Sarah’s course, I already knew that my time to practice for it was very limited. My plan was to just take part as much as possible over the ten days, and then go back to the videos later to really start the transition by myself.

I was so surprised, when I realized at the end of it, how much progress I had actually made.

The videos and the feedback were so helpful that I got way more out of it than I would’ve ever imagined, especially with my very tight schedule.

Sarah is a real expert and I would always work with her again.

10 day american accent challenge Yannick Brauner
Yannick Brauner

Confidence-boosting and ability-enhancing! Building a monologue over 7 days was a great way to settle certain vowel sounds that trip me up again and again. Very valuable to be able to watch a video of Sarah speaking the text first as helps with mouth shapes and placements. Thank-you! Now just need an audition

Jessica Boyde
Jessica Boyde

This course has been absolutely brilliant, and it came at a good time. I think it’s so useful to have a safe place to try out the skill of an accent within a non-judgemental community of actors in the same boat, and I really look forward to more accent sessions. Thanks very much to Sarah for all the hours she put in – very dedicated!

Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton
Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton
This course has been a really entertaining way to learn an accent in just one week. Sarah’s choice of monologue was excellent and her daily delivery of the building blocks of Standard American meant that we were not overloaded with information and we could incorporate previous days’ learning into the new material. It has been fun and instructive to watch other people’s work as well as my own, in conjunction with Sarah’s individual feedback. I will definitely take up the 10 Day Standard American Challenge in May to consolidate my learning and improve my fluency. Thanks again, Sarah. All the best Jon x
Jon Bard
If you are looking for a professional accent coach that provides positive and constructive feedback, your search is over. Sarah Valentine has put together a program that allows you to learn the basics of an accent in an astoundingly short 10-day period. The program is fun and also helps you with self-taping so you actors out there can hone that skill as well. Sarah combines professionalism, a passion for teaching and years of experience to the virtual classroom. There you will learn multiple ways of achieving success with whatever accent you are trying to learn. My 10-day British RP class was a great learning experience. Sarah provided the feedback I needed to improve with every lesson and the knowledge to continue my practice after the class completed. I will definitely be working with her again in the future.
Allen Dixon
Allen Dixon

This has been such an enjoyable week working on the General American accent. I really love Sarah’s technique with different sounds being highlighted and worked on each day and the videos of the text being modelled by Sarah. The individual feedback was soooooo helpful too. Thanks so much Sarah for your time and encouragement. Really enjoyed this process of learning a monologue by building it up bit by bit each day. Big challenge to complete the final monologue today. Great practice for acting and improving my American accent.


Carolyn Goodyear
Carolyn Goodyear

I absolutely enjoyed the RP accent course with Sarah Valentine because she is able to simplify the learning process which makes it so much easier and it’s very liberating!

Thanks a million!

Jasmin Kafali
Yasemin Kafali

Sarah Valentines British RP Accent Course is an interactive, clear and easy to follow learning opportunity. Her teaching is warm and engaging which makes the experience of learning an accent online all the more enjoyable.

Pamela Sidhu
Pamela Sidhu
“I’ve been searching for a professional accent coach for quite a while now, until I found Sarah, by coincidence! She responded promptly to my email and provided all the needed info for our first one on one lesson. Lesson was very easy to follow and she guided me through all the process, concentrating more on what needs to be corrected and which ways will work best for me! I honestly didn’t even notice that 1 hour passed, enjoyed it and in fact I’m gonna sign to her tailor made 10 days American accent program, with couple of more one on ones to follow up. Sarah you are the best, thank you for helping me!”
Olesya Roslichenko
Olesya Roslichenko
Working with Sarah gave me the confidence to move beyond merely getting the accent right into fully integrating the voice into the character. And it was so easy to share scripts and receive recordings and have them accessible on my phone. Perfect for people looking for a mid-1990’s middle-aged male accent 32 miles Northwest of Liverpool!
Kip Chapman
Kip Chapman

I highly recommend Sarah she is meticulous in correcting every sound word and phrase. Lesson by skype works very well. Her patience and friendly approach made learning enjoyable even the pronunciations I was struggling with. Sarah helped me with the standard American accent, really looking forward to working with her again.

Jaine Kirtley
Jaine Kirtley

I was so pleased to find Sarah and even though I am in New York and she is in New Zealand, coaching via Skype was a perfect solution for me. She is patient, methodical and within an hour we got a lot done on a script I am working on. I have a bit of a hybrid accent, as I like to call it, and she was able to pinpoint my trouble spots and help to make my American accent flawless. She is an incredibly talented lady being able to pull out so many accents and do them perfectly. I will most definitely work with her again.

Sandra Lucas
Sandra Lucas

I contacted Sarah when faced with the daunting task of auditioning in a Scottish accent, something I’d not done before, nor ever really prepared for. Spending an hour’s coaching with her assuaged many of the fears and anxiety I had around the accent, and filled me with the confidence I needed to actually go in the room and put forward something worthwhile to the casting director. What’s more, it actually made me excited to do so. Sarah was also very generous with her time, offering to coach me last-minute during the weekend. I highly recommend her knowledge and coaching and look forward to using it again!

Jarred Blakiston
Jarred Blakiston

I was quite nervous to meet Sarah for my accent session but she soon put me at ease and gave me confidence to learn an American accent. I look forward to further sessions with Sarah as I trust her expertise to perfect my accent.

Arlene Meder

I have never taken accent coaching before and it was my first time. It was so easy to understand what Sarah taught me as she was helping me not only just learn but live the accent too. I was late to the class so she spent extra time with me without charging me extra. It was a great experience sitting and learning from her.

Manpreet Singh Saini

I had never had any accent experience or training before working with Sarah, although I wanted to learn and expand my skills. Within the few hours spent with her, I feel so much more confident with an American accent. It is impossible not to feel comfortable and inspired around her. Instantly you know she is very knowledgeable, with her wide range of accents and her approach to teaching is down to earth, warm and constructive. Not only did she help with my accent but also took the time to give helpful advice for my venture into the acting industry. Couldn’t recommend her any more highly if you’re wanting to learn an accent. Can’t wait to work with her again.

Jude Madison

I had 3 days to learn a general American accent for an audition and i sought out help from a coach online as i’m based in a small town. Sarah came to my aid when i needed coaching and she was able to help me accomplish what i had deemed impossible! In one hour she used a unique technique to get me through my audition.

I do highly recommend Sarah and her unique, clever approach to adapting an authentic accent. Sarah is both professional and lovely to work with.

Katalina Lavaka

After nearly 20 years of living overseas, my English accent had become a ghastly hybrid. I have no acting background at all and Sarah was still able to help me isolate my mangled vowel sounds and eliminate bad habits I had slipped into over time. Not only did that solve my burgeoning identity crisis, it was a very comfortable experience and an enormous amount of fun. Thanks Sarah!


Sarah was such a wonderful accent coach. I had lots of fun, she gave me lots of specific tips to help master my skill set. Not only did she help me with my accent, but gave me advice and motivated me for my career. I highly recommend Sarah for any type of accent coaching. I had previously done accent workshops, but recommend one-on-one tutoring with Sarah.

Trinity White

Sarah’s relaxed and focused accent session was exactly what I needed to tackle a tricky North Country dialect. My confidence to deliver an authentic performance was helped enormously by her expertise.

I would recommend actors don’t hesitate to take advantage of Sarah’s experience and technique.

Mark Clare

Sarah is really great at what she does. I had to use an accent coach last minute for a cockney accent, so booked in with her and within in an hour, felt ready to go. She made it fun and enjoyable (we had a lot of laughs) and think her methods really work. She offered extra support outside of the session if I got stuck, which was really appreciated. Thank you – look forward to the next session!

Jimmy Hazelwood

Quote from Holly Hunter, Oscar Winner for the Piano:

“I was walking through New York and I heard a Jamaican and I thought of you”

– Holly Hunter on the phone to Sarah Valentine.

I have to say it was a great compliment and just too funny. Holly is such an amazing and beautiful person. I loved working with her on Top of the Lake and would love to have the opportunity to work on another great production like that again one day. Best time of my life.
-Sarah Valentine

Holly Hunter

Sarah was warm, friendly and bloody helpful in enabling me to get the hang of a Scottish accent. Her approach was simple to follow and I left knowing I had all I needed to do the job. I was also impressed with the range of other regional UK accents she is fluent in and thoroughly recommend her.

Matthew Chamberlain

Sarah is friendly, fun, down-to-earth, professional, and an accent guru. Not only did Sarah help me nail the accent, she also put me at ease and gave me confidence that I needed to relax during the performance.

Rob Harding Voice Actor

Sarah used a variety of methods to help me learn an accent. I found the sessions very helpful and highly entertaining. She also gave me advice on improving my acting performance as well.

Jackson Sue – Actor

Sarah is a great accent coach. She went out of her way to help me and gave me the confidence which is necessary in achieving any accent successfully.

Kirk Bremner, Actor

Sarah helped me create a London accent for my character, and she was fantastic! As an Actress herself, she had a clear idea of the sense and meaning of the script, so it didn’t just become about saying words a different way.

Denise Snoad, Actress

I contacted Sarah as I had an audition requiring a Scottish accent and I was finding it very difficult. Sarah was very generous and at very short notice was able to work with me on the accent and script.

Her great teaching style and expertise saw my accent improve dramatically. I went into the audition room much more confident thanks to her.

Due to my enjoyment of and the effectiveness of her coaching, I went to her again to up-skill in the Irish and Standard American accents.

I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone.

Chelsea Tobin, Actress

When training for a German/English accent, I found Sarah an absolute pleasure to work with. She put all my nerves to ease and her patience, composure and professionalism was of a high standard.

I would definitely return to her if I ever needed other or further accent coaching. Thank you Sarah.

Marius Botha, Actor

I met Sarah Valentine a couple of months ago when I was preparing for an audition. I needed to learn an accent in a matter of days and although it was short notice she was more than happy to work with me.

I had never learnt an accent before and was worried I would not be able to master it in time. In the few hours we spent together Sarah was able to teach me the tools necessary to learn an accent and also help prepare me for my audition.

I got the role and decided to continue to take voice coaching classes with Sarah because she has a unique style that I found easy to relate to.

Her teaching style is professional but also humorous, which is exactly what I needed to help me relax and learn as much as I could.

She has an extensive knowledge of a range of accents and her enthusiasm and commitment exceeded my expectations.

I am very grateful for all her help and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting voice coaching.

Sophia Huybens, Actress

I was very daunted when I was told two weeks before shooting that my character on Underbelly was no longer a Kiwi and now had a strong Lancashire accent.
In fact daunted would probably be the understatement of the century!

However, Sarah soon came to the rescue and with her help the whole process was far easier than I had anticipated. She broke down every line with me and her support filled me with the confidence I needed.

I would definitely call on her again should the situation arise.

Anna Julienne, Actress
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