The Actors Guide – An Insiders Manual To Launching Your Acting Career – SIGNED COPY


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Sarah Valentine uses her decades of experience behind and in front of the camera to inform and encourage actors as they start on their journey. Sprinkled with personal experiences and funny stories, Sarah shares the joys and pitfalls of the acting profession as she walks you through the many facets of acting from headshots to navigating contracts.

Whether you’re just starting or find yourself stuck and losing motivation, this guidebook reminds you that there is always something an actor can work on to improve and move forward.

Enriched with material and resources linked to her website as well as a bonus Q&A with award-winning actress Holly Hunter, there is something in this book for everyone as an informative and entertaining read.

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There’s nothing like a last minute job offer that includes an accent…when you’re not prolific with accents.  Luckily I found Sarah on IG, drawn in by her enthusiasm and rapid fire accents.  She did not disappoint.  Not only does she have a great technique for getting you into an accent quickly, you can tell she is invested in you doing a good job.  Looking forward to working with Sarah again on the next accent.

Tricia Helfer - Actress
Tricia Helfer
“Sarah Valentine’s expert ear and easy to follow phonetical skills helped me with learning a new accent for John Wick in a very quick space of time. One of the best dialect coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with’
Scott Adkin - Actors Accent Coach Sarah Valentine
Scott Adkin - John Wick 4

I can testify to the effort Sarah put into helping me in the course. I was about to give up on the course due to hearing difficulties, but Sarah decided to provide a way to help me overcome my challenges. I am better off now and feel good about what I’ve learned from her class. A good teacher is someone who won’t give up on you.

Oluwabunmi Olaifa
Oluwabunmi Olaifa

Sarah was immediately helpful in my approach to numerous accents associated with my role. She is a credible source of knowledge who understands the importance of discussing an accents authenticity, foundation and delivery.

Russ Dixon, Jersey Boys
Russ Dixon

It was a great experience working with Sarah learning a southern American accent. She is very engaged, super professional and fun to work with. I highly recommend her!

Mona Solhaug
Mona Solhaug


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