DIY Liverpool / Scouse Accent Course


NEW! The Liverpool/Scouse Accent course is such a fun and interesting accent to learn. This is an instant all-access course, do it in your own time.

Settle in as I walk you through the characteristic sounds of the Liverpool/Scouse Accent including the pronunciation of different sounds, words, phrases, and full sentences.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive six short and easy-to-follow video lessons conducted by me, Sarah Valentine, a professional accent coach. This ‘do it yourself’ accent course allows you to go at your pace and self-direct your learning.

Once finished, you’ll be able to continue accessing the course so you can repeat it until you have the accent just right. This course will familiarise actors and voice actors with the basics of the Liverpool/Scouse Accent and even help those who simply want to sound more native.

This course is fun and full of great learning for any actor wanting to sink their teeth into a new accent.

The Valentine Method

Create Your Spark

Instant & Lifetime Access

6 Video Lessons

Activities & Resources


Accent Guide

Downloadable Worksheets

Bonus Lesson

Course Breakdown

Over 10 days, you’ll receive easy to follow video lessons that will guide you through the accents.

Rest days have been included so not to overwhelm you and to give you a chance to catch up on your homework.

Day 1 - Getting Familiar and Introductions

We begin with familiarising yourself with the course platform (Ruzuku) and how to use it so you get the most out of it.

Day 2 - The Valentine Method

You’ll learn about the importance of phonetics and my special ‘Valentine Method’.

Day 3 - Create your Spark

Straight into creating your Spark – what triggers you into your accent? This is a wonderful technique that helps you to kick off your accent every time.

Day 4 - Sounds to Practice
Learn about the specific sounds that make this accent so distinct. These are ‘listen and repeat’ exercises with homework for each section.
Day 5 - Catch-up Day / Homework
Take some time to go over your worksheets and embed the learning you’ve already covered.

You can go over the previous course content, complete any outstanding homework, or re-watch any videos, ready for tomorrow.

Day 6 - Words to Practice
Today you’ll learn to ground the sounds you’ve just learned by practicing different words.
Day 7 - Short Sentences

It’s time to move on from sounds and start short sentences, phrases and words particular to the accent.

Day 8 - Catch-up Day / Homework
Take another break and practice. There’s no point rushing through without really perfecting your technique.
Day 9 - Longer Sentences
This is when you’re really going to put your accent to the test. Longer sentences will call on you to remember all the distinct sounds as you move through each word.
Day 10 - Bonus Lesson
The British RP accent is known as the Queens English. It is not used much in society today but it does feature more frequently in movies and on television shows so it’s worth taking a shot at it.

There’s nothing like a last minute job offer that includes an accent…when you’re not prolific with accents.  Luckily I found Sarah on IG, drawn in by her enthusiasm and rapid fire accents.  She did not disappoint.  Not only does she have a great technique for getting you into an accent quickly, you can tell she is invested in you doing a good job.  Looking forward to working with Sarah again on the next accent.

Tricia Helfer - Actress
Tricia Helfer
“Sarah Valentine’s expert ear and easy to follow phonetical skills helped me with learning a new accent for John Wick in a very quick space of time. One of the best dialect coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with’
Scott Adkin - Actors Accent Coach Sarah Valentine
Scott Adkin - John Wick 4

I can testify to the effort Sarah put into helping me in the course. I was about to give up on the course due to hearing difficulties, but Sarah decided to provide a way to help me overcome my challenges. I am better off now and feel good about what I’ve learned from her class. A good teacher is someone who won’t give up on you.

Oluwabunmi Olaifa
Oluwabunmi Olaifa

Sarah was immediately helpful in my approach to numerous accents associated with my role. She is a credible source of knowledge who understands the importance of discussing an accents authenticity, foundation and delivery.

Russ Dixon, Jersey Boys
Russ Dixon

It was a great experience working with Sarah learning a southern American accent. She is very engaged, super professional and fun to work with. I highly recommend her!

Mona Solhaug
Mona Solhaug


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