1-to-1 Self Tape Course


The Self Tape Academy course lays the foundations to make an expert out of any student.

As we move into a new world, auditions with the casting director are going to become a thing of the past and self-taping is going to be the way of the future. Take the opportunity of getting yourself camera ready and become a self-tape King or Queen!

As actors, we now get to audition for international work and we can submit to casting directors like never before. Learn the basics of doing a great self-tape and then, every day during the 7 days, you’ll learn a new script, shoot your self-tape, upload it to the academy and get feedback on your progress.

This 7 day course can be completed in 7 days and up to 3 months from your start date.
*Please allow 24-48 hours for your unique enrolment link to be emailed to you.

Learn The Art of Self-Taping

Suitable for Ages +18

Instant & Lifetime Access

6 Video Lessons

Personal Feedback


New Scripts Daily

Activities & Resources

Complete in 7-90 Days

Course Breakdown

Over 7 days, you’ll receive easy to follow lessons from Sarah that will guide you through the course.

What Is the 7 Day Self Tape Challenge?

The Self Tape Academy has created a number of online courses designed to help actors be on top of their game. The 7 day self tape challenge is designed for students 18 and over.

First you’ll learn the basics of doing a great self tape and then every day during the 7 days you’ll learn a new script, shoot your self-tape, upload it to the academy and share it with me or an academy tutor.

How Does The 7 Day Self Tape Challenge Work?


You will need a phone or some sort of recording device, and you will need to learn how to light your room, shoot a video and then upload an MP4 file.

On Day 1 you learn how to use our platform and record your first introduction self-tape and you will receive your first script.

Then at midnight each day, you will receive a new script and a place to upload your video from the day before.

Each day you will:

Learn a new script
Shoot and edit your video
Upload to the Academy 
Repeat for 7 days or take up to 3 months to complete. Totally up to you

What kind of material will I receive?

Each day you’ll receive a different scene/script, as well as tips, tricks, and resources along the way.

Why should I do this course?

You will become more skilled as an actor, get feedback and end up with a skill that will last a lifetime and potentially get you the role of your dreams.

Best of all you will have a lot of fun doing it!

Francois Rene du Toit

From this course, I learned everything that I didn’t know I needed to know about self-taping. I would highly recommend this course to anyone likely to make a self-tape anytime soon.

Francois Rene du Toit
Francois Rene du Toit

A course everyone should take!

The Self Tape Academy has been a welcoming and warm place to venture into ourselves. Learning daily techniques has helped me to progress towards taking further steps to an acting career. Everyone was so welcoming and nice. Sarah was with us every step of the way with positive feedback, and dropping gems to us about the industry itself. This is a course I believe everyone should take, YOU WONT REGRET IT!

Jazmin Brown
Jazmin Brown

Georgia Wilshire

I would highly recommend this course to anyone! If you’re wanting to improve your knowledge and confidence in front of the camera, pick up a few tips and ticks on how to nail your self tapes, then this course is for you. This course provides a friendly and safe environment where you’re able to receive feedback on what you’re doing well at and tips on how to make your auditions even better! I found that even over a week, my confidence and knowledge in front of a camera has improved dramatically and want to thank Sarah for providing an environment in which this is possible to achieve – in such a short time frame.

Georgia Wilshire
Georgia Wilshire

This Self Tape Academy Course is the best investment you will make.

This Self Tape Academy Course is the best investment you will make. I will definitely recommend my family, friends and new talent to take this course or any course BGT has on offer.

Our mentor Sarah was awesome. She is super supportive, very constructive with an open door approach.

Sarahs training and communication methods was duplicated onto our group to provide the same support with positive daily feedback.

I enjoyed the learning style so much so, I am looking forward to signing up for my next online assignment ❤

Teena Te Maro
Teena Te Maro

Budsaba Keopraserth

I really enjoyed taking this course. I gained so much experience and learned so much from it. It helped me with learning to audition and to understand the directors point of view. I learned to be more expressive, which is something I don’t normally do. I think this course will help people have a much better chance to get the role on the audition because you know what you have to do with acting, editing and even filming set up. I would recommend people to take this course if they want to step up their game on acting front.

Budsaba Keoprserth
Budsaba Keopraserth

What a confidence booster! 

What a confidence booster!  There is so much more to consider, than just the acting, and this course covers it off nicely. There are also some fantastic tips and interviews from industry experts.

Your “classmates” are just as eager to learn, so it’s a very safe space to work in.

Go on – give it a nudge.  What have you got to lose?

Hinemoa Delaney
Hinemoa Delaney

I would have to say I have rekindled a passion to act

I was actually sent the link to the course by my mother. I have been wanted to get back into acting and from this course, it has helped me learn a lot more on not only how to film a short clip of myself but also how to edit it. I would have to say there is a great amount of information for anyone who is currently working as an actor or someone who is looking to start out. From this experience, I would have to say I have rekindled a passion to act whether it be stage or screen I just want to do it for the love of acting. Thank you so much I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to get into acting or needs a little help to improve.

Joshua Bing

From the first day I felt inspired and compelled to work

Sarah Valentine has put together a comprehensive and enjoyable self-tape academy. From the first day I felt inspired and compelled to work at the lessons given and learn the skill. Sharing my self-tapes with her and her colleague Johanna and all the other students in the academy has been a simple and honest way of improving the craft. Thank you so much Sarah for teaching me this valuable skill!

David Grierson

wow did I learn lots!

I always saw adverts for doing self tape courses, but I never really thought it was that important to know how to do them, so I never took them. But then I recently had to start preparing self tapes for auditions, and decided it wouldn’t hurt to try check one out and see what more I could learn. And wow did I learn lots! For me I feel like I knew some of the basics already, but this course actually helped me fine tune those skills, and understand what casting directors actually look for in self tapes. It also helped me practice acting in front of a camera so close to my face. From my first tape in this course to my last, I can definitely see and feel a difference in my ability to deliver.

Trinity - Self Tape Academy
Trinity Korunic


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