Perfecting Your Pitch


First impressions count and if you want to make a sale then you better be good.

Standing up in front of a moving audience is one of the hardest ways to communicate and sell at the same time.
Keeping a level-head, staying on track and remembering your pitch and at the same time, smiling and remembering where you are in the sale is crucial to success.

I spent many years on the sales circuit – selling a variety of products from magnetic window cleaners, to vacuum cleaner attachments, from make-up to stainless steel ladders, and I sold a lot of stuff to a lot of customers! You can too!

When working with yourself or your team the goal is for each team member to represent your company in the most professional manner possible whilst giving your customer a positive experience resulting in a sale.

I don’t just help teach your staff or yourself to communicate, I help you strengthen your sales pitch, develop team incentives, get some excitement back into your sales pitch so that everyone is enjoying themselves.

Top 10 tips to working the Trade Shows

Below are some of items we work through during a coaching session.

  1. Understand your Voice
  2. Prepare for Customers
  3. Know your Product
  4. Make Yourself Clear
  5. Create a Positive Experience
  6. Present the Product
  7. Length of your Pitch
  8. Handling ‘Hecklers’
  9. Answering Objections
  10. Closing the sale

For further tips or advice and coaching, contact me to book a coaching session via Skype, and perfect your pitch from the comfort of your own home.

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