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You’ve got an audition and need to read in a different accent?

You need to learn an accent but your funds are limited?
You’ve tried other accent resources but they don’t quite meet your needs?
    The free Accent Coach App gives you easy access to the latest accent courses at the press of a button!
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    Accent Coach App


    On The Go

    Access and purchase accent courses from anywhere on any device that you’ve installed the App.

    Instant Access

    Instant and lifetime access to your courses so you can revisit as many times as you need.

    Stay In The Know

    Activate notifications to be the first to know when new accent courses are released.

    Accent Coach App

    Accent Coaching

    Need a last minute or urgent accent coaching session? Easily book a session via the App.

    30-Minute Audition Script

    Email me your audition script, I will record in the required accent and send back within 24 hours.

    Accent Practise

    COMING SOON! Exclusive additional accent practise resources for App users only… download it now!


    “Sarah Valentine’s expert ear and easy to follow phonetical skills helped me with learning a new accent for John Wick in a very quick space of time. One of the best dialect coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with’
    Scott Adkin - Actors Accent Coach Sarah Valentine
    Scott Adkin - John Wick 4

    I can testify to the effort Sarah put into helping me in the course. I was about to give up on the course due to hearing difficulties, but Sarah decided to provide a way to help me overcome my challenges. I am better off now and feel good about what I’ve learned from her class. A good teacher is someone who won’t give up on you.

    Oluwabunmi Olaifa
    Oluwabunmi Olaifa

    Sarah was immediately helpful in my approach to numerous accents associated with my role. She is a credible source of knowledge who understands the importance of discussing an accents authenticity, foundation and delivery.

    Russ Dixon, Jersey Boys
    Russ Dixon

    It was a great experience working with Sarah learning a southern American accent. She is very engaged, super professional and fun to work with. I highly recommend her!

    Mona Solhaug
    Mona Solhaug

    Working with Sarah Valentine was everything I could of asked for and more in an accent class. The class breakdown and the Valentine method made it so easy to learn and master my British accent. Sarah’s feedback was so helpful while also being fun. I would definitely recommend Sarah for anyone wanting to learn an accent. I can’t wait to sign up for another course!

    Chrystine Bailey
    Chrystine Bailey


    The DIY Accent Courses lay the foundation to make an expert out of any student. These are instant all-access courses, complete in your own time.

    This is your chance to add a range of accents to your repertoire of talents.

    1-to-1 Accent Courses

    Or why not go interactive and choose 1-to-1 Accent Courses and get feedback and coaching from Sarah Valentine as you progress through the course.

    Each 1-to-1 course is 10 days but you can start anytime and take up to 3 months to complete. You will also have lifetime access for as long as the course is available. This means you can revisit the course anytime to refresh your accent.


    Book a coaching session and learn any accent you like. We can work on an audition script, or we can work on any script for an upcoming role. We will break down the accent or dialect and get you sounding perfect.

    Stay Connected

    Plus you can access all the latest Accent Queen Merch direct from the App; stay up to date with the latest posts and social news and videos, or connect with me on social media.

    Meet Your Accent Coach

    The Accent Coach App was developed by Accent coach Sarah Valentine.

    "I will help you learn all the skills you need to improve your accent, from finding the accent within, to placement and delivery. Speaking with a different accent can be quite daunting but my 'Valentine Method' allows you to feel comfortable so you can relax into your role and sound authentic."

    For the last 5 years, Sarah has channelled her experiences and challenges into creating a digital solution that puts actors first.

    Boost your acting journey with the Accent Coach App.

    Sarah Valentine
    Actors Accent Coach

    Download the free Accent Coach App and master an accent today!

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