21 Day British Challenge

take 21 days instead of 10. This course is exactly the same as the 10 day challenge

but for those busy people you can now take it in 21. 

Challenge yourself!

This is your chance to add the British RP accent to your repertoire of talents. Whether you’re readying yourself for an upcoming audition or just want to reduce your native accent, this course provides you with tools, tips and knowledge to bring out your inner Brit.

You’re in excellent hands with Sarah Valentine, a professional accent coach of more than 20 years.

Over 21 days, you’ll receive 6 short and easy to follow video lessons from Sarah that will guide you through the British RP accent. Rest days have been included so not to overwhelm you and to give you a chance to catch up on your homework.

Personal Feedback

Get personal feedback on your technique and progress from Sarah as you complete the exercises.

Community Support

Meet other students in the virtual classroom where you can support and encourage each other.

Audition Skills

Learn self-tape techniques, a vital skill for auditions.

Lifetime Access

Have lifetime access to all the lessons so you can go back and revisit the material any time.

Lifetime Access

Have lifetime access to all the lessons so you can go back and revisit the material any time.

Want to do it in 10 days instead of 21?

Click here to do the 10 Day accent challenge. Its the same course but over 10 days instead of 21.

Course Breakdown

Day 1. We begin with familiarising yourself with the course platform (Ruzuku) and how to use it so you get the most out of it.

Day 2. Rest day

Day 3. Straight into sounds to practice, these are ‘listen and repeat’ exercises with homework for each section.

Days 4 & 5 are catch up days

Day 6. Moving on to words to practice; continuing with repeat exercises and homework.

Day 7 & 8 Catch up day – here you can go over the last few days of the course, get all homework completed and re-watch any videos, ready for day 9.

Day 9. Phrases and words particular to British RP .

Days 10, 11, &  12 Catch up days

Day 13. Sentences to practise – here we really get into the nitty-gritty. Time to get those words sounding really good.

Days 14, 15, & 16 Catch up days.

Day 17. Monologue day – this is the big one. Hopefully, you have learned your script (given to you on day 1), now it’s time to layer that accent on top.

Days 18, 19 & 20 Shoot and edit your monologue plus a little surprise!

Day 21. Upload that video! Get it done. You will receive feedback from me on your work. I will go through your monologue and provide you feedback on where you can improve or tell you how great you are doing!

This course is fun and full of great learning for any actor wanting to sink their teeth into a new accent.

Enrol today to claim your spot.


Allen Dixon


If you are looking for a professional accent coach that provides positive and constructive feedback, your search is over. Sarah Valentine has put together a program that allows you to learn the basics of an accent in an astoundingly short 10-day period. The program is fun and also helps you with self-taping so you actors out there can hone that skill as well. Sarah combines professionalism, a passion for teaching and years of experience to the virtual classroom. There you will learn multiple ways of achieving success with whatever accent you are trying to learn. My 10-day British RP class was a great learning experience. 
Sarah provided the feedback I needed to improve with every lesson and the knowledge to continue my practice after the class completed. I will definitely be working with her again in the future.

 Allen Dixon



Pamela Sidhu


Sarah Valentines British RP Accent Course is an interactive, clear and easy to follow learning opportunity. Her teaching is warm and engaging which makes the experience of learning an accent online all the more enjoyable.

Pamela Sidhu


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