Accent Challenge

Challenge yourself!

 This is your chance to add the French English accent to your repertoire of talents. Whether you’re readying yourself for an upcoming audition, have an upcoming role or just want to learn the accent,  this course provides you with tools, tips and knowledge to bring out your inner French man or French Woman.

You’re in excellent hands with Sarah Valentine, a professional accent coach of more than 20 years.

Over 10 days, you’ll receive 7 short and easy to follow video lessons from Sarah that will guide you through the  accent. Rest days have been included so not to overwhelm you and to give you a chance to catch up on your homework.


This course is what I call an ever green course – you can start it whenever you like. You won’t have to wait for other students. 

Personal Feedback

Get personal feedback on your technique and progress from Sarah as you complete the exercises.

Audition Skills

Learn self-tape techniques, a vital skill for auditions. When it comes to Pilot season you want to be ready for any eventuality.

Lifetime Access

Have lifetime access to all the lessons so you can go back and revisit the material any time.

Course Breakdown

Day 1. We begin with familiarising yourself with Ruzuku and using the website to get the most out of it. Moving quickly to Lesson 1, The Valentine Method, Phonetics, Learn to spell your way. You won’t be learning the International Phonetic Alphabet you will be doing it YOUR way.


Day 2. Straight into creating your Spark – what triggers you into your accent?


Day 3. Ah’s Oo’s Silent H’s – Lets get these French sounds just perfect.


Day 4. Catch up day – here you can go over the last 3 days and get all homework completed and watch over the videos ready for day 5.


Day 5. Words to Practise  – Now we’re moving from focusing on sounds to words. Bring what you learnt about sounds from the last lesson to help you navigate this new list of words. This lesson will focus on pronouncing words to help you sound more French.


Day 6. Short Sentences with those fabulously French sounds. Get your sexy accent on the up!  


Day 7. Catch up day for homework.


Day 8.  Longers sentences to Practise – here we really get into the nitty-gritty. Time to get those words sounding really good.


Day 9.  Monologue day – this is the big one. Hopefully, you have learned your script (given to you on day 1) now it’s time to layer that accent on top. 


Day 10. Upload that Monologue. Get it done. Feedback from me on your work. I will go through your monologue and give you feedback on where you need to do work or tell you how great you are going.


This course is fun and full of great learning for any actor wanting to sink their teeth into a new accent. 

This course may have previous students and current students working in it but as its an evergreen course you may or may not be working with students as you go through the lessons. Treat this course as a one on one course with me, with the possibility of working with others – if others sign up whilst you are doing the course.

Enrol today to claim your spot.


Stevie Thomson-Fitch

I would like to say a huge “Thank you” to my accent tutor, 
Sarah Valentine.

Undertaking the challenge of learning a new accent or enhancing an existing one is a daunting task for anyone.

If you’re unsure on whether or not to train with Sarah, I would strongly 
recommend you to go for it – you will NOT be disappointed.
As a student on her ‘Standard American’ course, I can honestly report that she is warm, welcoming, encouraging but most importantly – extremely skilled at what she does.
Her insight and attention to detail is remarkable. She gives attention not only 
to the more obvious aspects of the accent but also to the little nuances that 
make the difference between a passable accent and one that sounds truly convincing.

Being on the course was time and money well spent.

~Stevie Thomson-Fitch


Heather Walker

I have just completed the 10 Day Standard American Accent Course with Sarah and would like to say a huge ‘Thank You Sarah’ for being an amazing tutor. 

I never felt I had the ability to sound authentic enough to pursue roles that required an American accent until I studied with Sarah. With each day under Sarah’s guidance my confidence has grown and I certainly won’t be afraid to put myself forward for those roles anymore.

Sarah is friendly, approachable and very honest when giving feedback.

Sarah’s unique method works!  Each lesson is designed to build upon the previous and exercises are spread out and manageable. Interaction with your fellow students is both helpful and fun during the learning process.

I thoroughly recommend Sarah as an Accent Tutor and I will definitely be signing up to another course with her in the near future.

~Heather Walker

10 day american accent challenge Yannick Brauner

When I signed up for Sarah’s course, I already knew that my time to practice for it was very limited. My plan was to just take part as much as possible over the ten days, and then go back to the videos later to really start the transition by myself. So I was even more surprised, when I realized at the end of it, how much progress I had actually made. The videos and the feedback were so helpful that I got way more out of it than I would’ve ever imagined, especially with my very tight schedule. Sarah is a real expert and I would always work with her again.


~ Yannick Brauner



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